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Filesystem Node RxStorage (beta)

The Filesystem Node RxStorage for RxDB is built on top of the Node.js Filesystem API. It stores data in plain json/txt files like any "normal" database does. It is a bit faster compared to the SQLite storage and its setup is less complex. Using the same database folder in parallel with multiple Node.js processes is supported when you set multiInstance: true while creating the RxDatabase.


  • Easier setup compared to SQLite
  • Fast


  • It is part of the RxDB Premium 👑 plugin that must be purchased.
  • It is in beta mode at the moment which means it can include breaking changes without a RxDB major version increment.

RxStorage performance - Node.js


import {
} from 'rxdb';
import { getRxStorageFilesystemNode } from 'rxdb-premium/plugins/storage-filesystem-node';

const myRxDatabase = await createRxDatabase({
name: 'exampledb',
storage: getRxStorageFilesystemNode({
basePath: path.join(__dirname, 'my-database-folder'),
* Set inWorker=true if you use this RxStorage
* together with the WebWorker plugin.
inWorker: false
/* ... */