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We are open to, and grateful for, any contributions made by the community.



Before you can start developing, do the following:

  1. Make sure you have installed nodejs with the version stated in the .nvmrc
  2. Clone the repository git clone
  3. Install the dependencies cd rxdb && npm install
  4. Make sure that the tests work for you npm run test


While developing you should run npm run dev and leave it open in the console. This will run the unit-tests on every file-change. If you have a slow device, you can also manually run npm run test:node every time you want to check if the tests work.

Adding tests

Before you start creating a bugfix or a feature, you should create a test to reproduce it. Tests are in the test/unit-folder. If you want to reproduce a bug, you can modify the test in this file.

Making a PR

If you make a pull-request, ensure the following:

  1. Every feature or bugfix must be committed together with a unit-test which ensures everything works as expected.
  2. Do not commit build-files (anything in the dist-folder)
  3. Before you add non-trivial changes, create an issue to discuss if this will be merged and you don't waste your time.
  4. To run the unit and integration-tests, do npm run test and ensure everything works as expected

Getting help

If you need help with your contribution, ask at discord.


The source of the documentation is at the docs-src-folder. To read the docs locally, run npm run docs:install && npm run docs:serve and open http://localhost:4000/

Thank you for contributing!