To install the latest release of rxdb and its dependencies and save it to your package.json, run:

npm i rxdb --save


You also need to install the peer-dependency rxjs if you have not installed it before.

npm i rxjs --save


RxDB is coded with es8 and transpiled to es5. This means you have to install polyfills to support older browsers. For example you can use the babel-polyfills with:

npm i @babel/polyfill --save

If you need polyfills, you have to import them in your code.



If you need the latest development state of RxDB, add it as git-dependency into your package.json.

  "dependencies": {
      "rxdb": "git+"

Replace commitHash with the hash of the latest build-commit.


To import rxdb, add this to your javascript file:

// es6
import RxDB from 'rxdb';

// CommonJS
var RxDB = require('rxdb');

If you are new to RxDB, you should continue here

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