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RxStorage Electron IpcRenderer & IpcMain

To use RxDB in electron, it is recommended to run the RxStorage in the main process and the RxDatabase in the renderer processes. With the rxdb electron plugin you can create a remote RxStorage and consume it from the renderer process.

To do this in a convenient way, the RxDB electron plugin provides the helper functions exposeIpcMainRxStorage and getRxStorageIpcRenderer. Similar to the Worker RxStorage, these wrap any other RxStorage once in the main process and once in each renderer process. In the renderer you can then use the storage to create a RxDatabase which communicates with the storage of the main process to store and query data.

//  main.js
const { exposeIpcMainRxStorage } = require('rxdb/plugins/electron');
const { getRxStorageMemory } = require('rxdb/plugins/memory');
app.on('ready', async function () {
        key: 'main-storage',
        storage: getRxStorageMemory(),
        ipcMain: electron.ipcMain
//  renderer.js
const { getRxStorageIpcRenderer } = require('rxdb/plugins/electron');
const { getRxStorageMemory } = require('rxdb/plugins/memory');

const db = await createRxDatabase({
    storage: getRxStorageIpcRenderer({
        key: 'main-storage',
        statics: getRxStorageMemory().statics,
        ipcRenderer: electron.ipcRenderer
/* ... */

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