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The local Database for JavaScript Applications

  • Offline Support: Store data locally on your users device to build applications that work even when there is no internet access.
  • Supports all JavaScript runtimes: With the flexible RxDB storage layer you can run the same code in Browsers, Node.js, Electron, React-Native, Capacitor, Bun and Deno.
  • Realtime Queries: With RxDB you can observe query results and even single document fields everything which makes building realtime applications effortless.
  • Realtime Replication: Run a two-way realtime replication with one of the many replication plugins. Also making your custom backend compatible is pretty simple.
  • Great Performance: Years of performance optimization made RxDB one of the fastest ways to store and query data inside of JavaScript.


Used by many

RxDB is a proven technology used by thousands of developers worldwide.
With its flexibility, RxDB is used in a diverse range of apps and services.


With RxDB we have built an offline capable Progressive Web Application that is used by our borer operators to report on conditions at the mineface.


We use RxDB because it works across multiple platforms and we need to store of a great deal of data, some users have tens of thousands of documents! RxDB was the only cross-platform, offline-first solution with good enough performance to meet our needs.


Transitioning to RxDB was a breath of fresh air due to its comprehensive features, including schema migration, real-time replication, conflict resolution, and reactive programming.

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Realtime applications made easy

From the results of a query, to a single field of a document, with RxDB you can observe everything. This enables you to build realtime applications fast and reliable. It does not matter if the data was changed by a user event, another browser tab or by the replication. Whenever your data changes, your UI reflects the new state. You can either use RxJS or add custom reactiveness libraries like signals or other state management.

Writeawait collection.upsert({
  id: 'foobar',
  color: '#e6008d'

Observeawait collection.findOne('foobar')
 .$ // get observable
 .subscribe(d => {
   screen.backgroundColor = d.color;

Replicate with your existing infrastructure

RxDB supports replication with a CouchDB server or any custom GraphQL endpoint which smoothly integrates with your existing infrastructure. Also you can use the replication primitives plugin to create custom replications over any protocol like HTTP, Websocket, WebRTC or Firestore.

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Online is optional

RxDB follows the Offline First paradigm where an application must work as well offline as it does online. This is done by persisting data locally on the client side and replicating it in the background. RxDB can even be used solely on the client side, with no backend at all.

  • Your application still works offline
  • Increases perceived performance
  • Easier and faster implementation
  • Needs less backend resources and scales better

Flexible storage layer

RxDB is based on a storage interface that enables you to swap out the underlying storage engine. This increases code reuse because the same database code can be used in any JavaScript runtime by just switching out the storage settings.

Pricing Models

Open Source Core

for Hobbyists and Prototypes

The RxDB Open Core provides a robust and reliable database engine that's freely accessible to everyone.
This core includes all the essential features you need to develop efficient, real-time applications like storages, replication and other plugins.

Our open-core approach encourages a vibrant community of developers, fostering collaboration and innovation.

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Premium Plugins

for professional Developers

Our Premium Plugins are essential for professionals using RxDB. They boost the basic features of RxDB with significant performance improvements and reduced bundle size.

  • Enhanced Storage Plugins to speed up data processing significantly.
  • Robust Encryption secures your data with state-of-the-art encryption methods.
  • Advanced Metrics Logging provides detailed insights for performance monitoring.
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Get Professional Support

Unlock the full potential of RxDB with our tailored consulting services. Our experts collaborate directly with your team to optimize your use of RxDB, ensuring seamless integration and peak performance.

From quick one-time support sessions to full project development and custom feature implementation, we're here to accelerate your project's success. Let's build something incredible together.

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