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The PouchDB RxStorage is based on the PouchDB database. It is the most battle proven RxStorage and has a big ecosystem of adapters. It is the only RxStorage that allows to do replication with a CouchDB endpoint. PouchDB does a lot of overhead to enable CouchDB replication which makes the PouchDB RxStorage one of the slowest.


  • Most battle proven RxStorage
  • Supports replication with a CouchDB endpoint
  • Support storing attachments
  • Big ecosystem of adapters


  • Big bundle size
  • Slow performance because of revision handling overhead


import { createRxDatabase } from 'rxdb';
import { getRxStoragePouch, addPouchPlugin } from 'rxdb/plugins/pouchdb';


const db = await createRxDatabase({
    name: 'exampledb',
    storage: getRxStoragePouch(
             * other pouchdb specific options
             * @link https://pouchdb.com/api.html#create_database

Polyfill the global variable

When you use RxDB with angular or other webpack based frameworks, you might get the error Uncaught ReferenceError: global is not defined. This is because pouchdb assumes a nodejs-specific global variable that is not added to browser runtimes by some bundlers. You have to add them by your own, like we do here.

(window as any).global = window;
(window as any).process = {
    env: { DEBUG: undefined },


PouchDB has many adapters for all JavaScript runtimes.

If you are new to RxDB, you should continue here

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