RxDB Premium

To make RxDB a sustainable Project, some plugins are not part of the RxDB open source project. Instead they are part of the rxdb-premium package.

Premium plugins

  • Query Optimizer A tool to find the best index for a given query. You can use this during build time to find the best index and then use that index during runtime.
  • RxStorage IndexedDB a really fast RxStorage implementation based on IndexedDB. Made to be used in browsers.
  • RxStorage SQLite a really fast RxStorage implementation based on SQLite. Made to be used on Node.js, Electron, React Native, Cordova or Capacitor.
  • RxStorage Sharding a wrapper around any other RxStorage that improves performance by applying the sharding technique.
  • migrateRxDBV11ToV12 A plugins that migrates data from any RxDB v11 storage to a new RxDB v12 database. Use this when you upgrade from RxDB 11->12 and you have to keep your database state.

Getting Premium

As a company

If you use RxDB in your company project, you can purchase access by filling out this form.

For your side project

If you are a single developer and you use RxDB in your side project, you can get livetime access to the premium package by solving one Task of the Premium Tasks list.

Notice: It is not possible to get premium access via github sponsorships.

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