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RxDB Premium Plugins

To make RxDB a sustainable project, some plugins are not part of the RxDB open source project. Instead they are part of the rxdb-premium package which must be purchased.
Professional developers use these to get the best performance and the most out of RxDB.

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Do I need the Premium Plugins? When you start using RxDB, you do not need access to the premium plugins. Most use cases can be implemented with the Open Core part of RxDB. There are many RxStorage options and all core plugins that are required for replication, schema validation, encryption and so on, are totally free. As soon as your application is more then a side project, it is pretty easy to switch to RxDB Premium Plugins by just changing a few lines of configuration.
The main benefit of the Premium Plugins is performance. The Premium RxStorage implementations have a better performance so reading and writing data is much faster especially on low-end devices. You can find a performance comparison here. Also there are additional Premium Plugins that can be used to further optimize the performance of your application like the Query Optimizer or the Sharding plugin.
Why is it not for free? The development of RxDB started in 2016 and after all these years it became clear that big implementation and improvement steps will not be done by the RxDB community. While the community submits valuable pull requests, they are mostly small improvements or bugfixes for specific edge case. Big rewrites and optimizations that require a big effort have only be done by the RxDB maintainer.
Selling RxDB Premium ensures that there will be always an incentive for someone to add features, keep everything up to date and to further improve and optimize the codebase. This gives the user the confidence that RxDB is a future proof tech stack to build on which lets RxDB stand out compared to similar technologies.
Why is there no free trial period?
  • RxDB is written in JavaScript and the code of the Premium Plugins does not contain any tracking or measurement code that would send information from your application to our servers in production mode. As soon as someone has the code on his computer, the maintainer has no chance to really ensure that after a free trial period the code is no longer used and deleted.
  • Before you can use the Premium Plugins you have to debate and sign a license agreement with the maintainer. This is a sophisticated process that creates overhead which distracts the maintainer from writing RxDB code. So handling trial period users is just not manageable. For this reason there is also no monthly subscriptions. Premium access must be paid per year.
Why is it not cheaper? The price of the Premium Plugins is chosen in way that ensures that there can be always one person that develops RxDB full time. Compared to other JavaScript frameworks and developer tools, RxDB satisfies an edge use case for people that want to store data inside of their application on the users device. Most web developers do not need to do that and rely on the traditional client-server stack. So RxDB cannot be sold to that many people which increases the price.
Can I install/build the premium plugins in my CI? Yes you can safely install and use the Premium Plugins in your CI without additional payment.
Can I get a discount? Discounts are provided for people that have made a significant contribution to RxDB or one of RxDB's dependencies or to the Open Source Community overall. Also for private personal projects there is the option to solve one of the Premium Tasks to get 3 years access to the Premium Plugins.
Can I still use the code after the license has expired? Yes, after the license has expired, you are still allowed to use the newest version of the plugins, which existed at the last day when the license was valid.
Newer versions of the plugins cannot be used without purchasing a new license.

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